12mm OD 2.2mm Clear Borosilicate 3.3 Glass Tubes 750mm Long


High quality borosilicate 3.3 clear glass tubing. These tubes are 2.2mm thick with a 12mm outside diameter making them strong and durable. However, they are harder to heat up and mold. These tubes are better for more experienced glass blowers.

Step up your glassblowing skills with our 12mm OD, 2.2mm thick, clear borosilicate 3.3 glass tubes, extending to 750mm. These high-quality tubes are designed for the experienced glassblower, offering enhanced strength and durability. The 2.2mm thickness and 12mm OD make them robust, yet they require more skill to heat and mold effectively. Ideal for complex and demanding glass projects, these tubes require a higher level of expertise to manipulate. Use a MAPP Gas or oxy-propane torch, readily available at Bunnings, for optimal reshaping results. Embrace the challenge and refine your craft with our resilient and reliable borosilicate glass tubes. Master your craft with our detailed tutorials and discover the story behind our quality on our About page.


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